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Your reliable partner in food and beverage industry

       Thielmann / Portinox   


Thielmann / Portinox company (a member of Teka Group) is a worldwide leader in the production of beverage containers.

Our business cooperation, as its distributor, began in 1997 year with Thielmann company from Germany, and from 2003 year with the branch Thielmann / Portinox in Spain.

For packing and transport of delicate, high value products such as: beer, wine, juices and soft drinks...Thielmann / Portinox kegs, made of stainless steel, present an ideal solution for you.

Three different variations of kegs are available to our customers:

  1. container with rubber skirts
  2. container with compact polyurethane skirts
  3. container with stainless skirts (complete in stainless steel)

These kegs are available

  • in wide range of various capacities and external diameters
  • containers maybe stackable
  • with possibilities for marking beverage containers with your logo, brand name, trademarks...
  • supplied with different spears depending on your needs
  • fully automated production process with high quality control standards
  • series production: traceability based on serial numbers

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