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     PALL Food and Beverage / PALL Austria Filter Ges.m.b.H.  


As a long-range agent of SeitzSchenk company and, after the world leader in a fileld of separation and filtration – Pall Corporation has, in 2002. year bought FSG group (including following companies: SeitzSchenk, Filterite, Fluid Dynamics, Schumacher and Exekia) began our business cooperation with Pall Co.(division Food and Beverage) through its sale office Pall Austria Filter Ges.m.b.H. and its representative office in Budapest.

As an official distributor for Pall Austria Filter Ges.m.b.H., it is our goal to offer you and supply with the cost effective products, which meet the most stringent standards in food processing industry, and in various applications like:

beer industry
mineral water production
wine and spirits production
juice and soft beverage production
food processing

For the purpose of various fluids filtration in foodstuff industry (products: beer, wine, juices, mineral water...and service media: water, gases.) we can offer you following products from the production programme of our principal.

Depth filters-sheets and modules
Having in mind highly diversified filtration tasks, Pall (SeitzSchenk) range of depth filters supply, offers its customers various types of depth filters, with various porosities, formats and filtration grades, that cover innumerous applications:

  • Depth filters K series for liquid and gas filtration: beer, wine, juices or air ... from particulate filtration to sterile filtration
  • Depth filters T series for filtration of viscous and voluminous media, such as: sugar syrup, oil and other high density products...and industrial filtration duties (chemical industry)
  • Depth filters BS series specially designed for beer filtration (BS = Bier Schichten)
  • Depth filters with active carbon series AKS4, AKS6...
  • Other series of depth filters for special applications and wide range of usage.

Filter aids
Economical filtration, especially in case of products containing non-soluble solids and colloidal materials, very often is possible only by the addition of filter aids, such as:
  • Kieselguhr in various grades of fineness
  • Perlite
  • Cellulose
  • PVPP
  • Activated carbon

which we are in possibility to offer you from our principal’s programme.


Filter cartridges (prefiltration and final filtration)

To comply and satisfy ever increasing standards and requirements in field of filtration, a wide range of filters in the form of filter cartridges produced by Pall Co. are at your disposal.

In that sense, we can offer you filter cartridges: with an adsorptive effects, wound or pleated depth and membrane filter cartridges, metal, ceramic, polypropylene, polysulfone and other filter cartridges, that efficiently remove particulate impurities as well as colloidal particals (in a prefiltration stage) and microbiological burden and bacteria (in a final filtration stage).

The bacteria challenge tests are carried out according to various methods and reports, and additionally, microbially perfect results can be guaranteed since the integrity of the filters can be verified by the mean of integrity test – in that sense, Palltronic Compact Star, as a fully automated portable, easy to use, final filter integrity test unit, is available.

As a function of the filter cartridge type, the retention rates varies (from 0.2μm to 200μm) and the cartridges are available with various length (250mm, 500mm, 750mm, 1000mm) and can be equipped with all customary types of adapters.

In addition to the extensive range of Pall filter media, corresponding filter housings are also available. Thus, filters and filter systems can be supplied for a manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic operation, tailor made for the individual application.

Fully automatic and tailor made systems solutions
Constant orientation on the customers, based on proven researches, and filtration and separation technology development, has made possible to offer reliable, cost-effective, fully automated and innovative system solutions for various filtration requirements and applications in specific industries:

Pall Microza – cross flow (tangential) filtration system in a range of microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and ro
Oeno flow – cross flow membrane microfiltration in wine industry
Profy – technology of separation and cross flow filtration of beer de – free (without use of diatomaceous earth)
Pall Sep – beer recovery system from tanks and fermentors
Pall Keraflux – beer recovery from tanks and fermentors by ceramic membrane
Pall CFS (Cluster Filter Systems) – cold stabilization (membrane filtration) of beer by group of filters in individual, fully isolatable clusters
Ecoflux – precoat candle filter
Primus II (Primus III) – precoat filtration with kieselguhr or other filter aids (PVPP, cellulose…)
Chamber filter presse – filter presse in wine, fruit juices, oil...production
Cloth filter – for a sludge filtration

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